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EPISODE 11: Laura Martinez

EPISODE 11: Laura Martinez


Hola Gwapas and welcome to episode 11 of the Hola Gwapa Podcast! For those of you who are new to the show I’m your host Nisha Btesh. I’m also the Founder and Creative at Hola Gwapa a digital community of almost 10 thousand artists and creatives from all over the world, a blog, a website, an online shop, podcast and most recently a small batch slow fashion line! On this podcast we take the creative conversations even further sharing the real stories, tips and tricks the Artists in this community have found on their journey to success. 

If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired with your career path, love life or just your life in general this is the episode for you. Laura went from working as a Product & Graphic Designer for Dior in Paris, France to meeting the love of her life on the stoop of an air bnb on a girls trip to New York City, never ending up getting on her return flight home to opening her very first (& successful) tattoo shop in Brooklyn. While some of us can’t currently travel due to COVID restrictions we can all live vicariously through her story of being the ultimate YES girl. Once she decided to officially stay in NYC she began working as a bartender and doodling on the side to express her creativity. It wasn’t long before her now HUSBAND and friends began asking to have her drawings tattooed on them and something magical clicked but believe it or not that’s only where her story begins. Now a business owner, new mom, and 87 THOUSAND followers on Instagram later Laura unpacks her journey to success sharing the roadblocks she faced as a new tattoo artist, how she never took no for an answer - LITERALLY and most importantly how being determined and bold enough to own your power as a female, own your medium no matter how out of the box it might be and own your unique artistic style is the perfect recipe for a fulfilling,  fruitful and passionate career as the creative you were born to be! So as we get into the episode go check out her gram @nothingwildtattoo to get a vibe for drool worthy & feminine tattoo aesthetic, and with that let’s get into the show! 

Thank you so much for listening to this episode with Laura! I hope you gained as much value and inspiration from her story as I did! If you love what you heard please make sure you rate and review this episode on Apple Music and/or spotify. It really helps to spread episodes like this one to other creatives looking for their daily dose of inspiration + I would be forever grateful. 

But before we go… if you haven’t already make sure you head over to to check out this month's collection of Gwapa Gals including a new collection of cute new accessories for the home and office like prints, post-its and coasters you don’t want to miss out on. So head over to and discover your new favorite female owned and artist made brands today! 

With that Have a beautiful week Gwapas! As always sending you tons of inspiration and lots of love! 


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