Hola Gwapa!

👋🏻I'm Nisha, a 📍San Diego native and the Founder here at Hola Gwapa. Like most of you, my goal has always been to turn my passion (for art & creating) into a paycheck. So after struggling to establish MYSELF as a successful 💸 Artist & Entrepreneur I became obsessed with stalking your Instagrams to figure out YOUR tips, tricks and secret sauces to success. I mean I was dying to know  🤯“HOW WERE ALL THESE BADASS BABES DOING IT?!” And with that, the Hola Gwapa community was born as a way to share MY journey & 🎨ART with you + all the value YOUR stories, processes & advice have brought me. To those of you who I communicate with regularly and those of you still too shy to say “Heeey'' THANK YOU for making this girl gang exactly what it is today - a safe place to connect, celebrate & support each other through it all. 💓💓💓Hola Gwapa is now an 🛍ONLINE SHOP, 👩🏻‍💻BLOG & 💘COMMUNITY so feel free to look around and explore OR tap the button below learn more about my creative journey.

WHole life story please!

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