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an online shop, community, blog & podcast that connects, celebrates & supports female creatives, artists & entrepreneurs. 👋🏻 I'm Nisha, a📍San Diego native and the Founder here at Hola Gwapa. Like most of you, my goal has always been to turn my passion (for art & creating) into a paycheck. So after struggling to establish MYSELF as a successful 💸 Artist & Entrepreneur I became obsessed with stalking your Instagrams to figure out YOUR tips, tricks and secret sauces to success. I mean I was dying to know 🤯 “HOW WERE ALL THESE BADASS BABES DOING IT?!” And with that, the Hola Gwapa community was born as a way to share MY journey & 🎨 ART with you + all the value YOUR stories, processes & advice have brought me. 

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Not big on gloating - or people who are? I feel ya. BUT! In my experience, thoughtful Self-Promotion IS the secret to career success and mental well being. Practice turning your bragging into a skill by spotlighting as a guest blogger, featured artist, podcast guest, or collaborator.