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Episode 12: Mira Lou

Episode 12: Mira Lou


Hola Gwapas and welcome to episode 12 of the Hola Gwapa Podcast! For those of you who are new to the show I’m your host Nisha Btesh. I’m also the Founder and Creative at Hola Gwapa a digital community of almost 12 thousand artists and creatives from all over the world, a blog, a website, an online shop, podcast and most recently a small batch slow fashion line! On this podcast we take the creative conversations even further, sharing the real stories, tips and tricks the Artists in this community have found on their journey to success. 

For those who’ve ever experienced a creative lull or rut (hem hem all of us…) this episode is for you! Mira Lou is what you would call DEDICATED to her craft. STILL A STUDENT Mira has cultivated a cult-like following of almost 97 thousand followers on Instagram in two years. She preaches the importance of sticking to a posting schedule and posting daily in order to crack that tricky algorithm but also opens up about how she often receives the least amount of engagement when posting about the topics that are most important to her and how hard she works to not let that affect what she creates and what she posts. Branding herself in each illustration by including her signature within the line work itself, it’s no wonder her art is not only instantly recognizable but also impactful. With sustainability as her mission Mira Lou shares how changing mediums and listening to her audience's feedback were the catalysts to launching her career into designing tattoos, creating custom commission works and even turning her illustrations into an inspired jewelry line. So if you haven’t already go check her out at M-I-R-A-A-L-O-U and give her a follow then head back here as we dive into the episode! And with that let’s get into the show!

Thank you so much for listening to this episode with Mira Lou! I hope you gained as much value and inspiration from her story as I did! If you love what you heard please make sure you rate and review this episode on Apple Music and/or spotify. It really helps to spread episodes like this one to other creatives looking for their daily dose of inspiration + I would be forever grateful. 

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With that Have a beautiful week Gwapas! As always sending you tons of inspiration and lots of love!


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