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The Black Lives Matter Play Your Part T-Shirt

The Black Lives Matter Play Your Part T-Shirt

Sooo I'm SUPER excited to finally share The HG Black Lives Matter Play Your Part T-Shirt that I've been teasing on social for the past few weeks! When I first heard about the death of George Floyd, I like many of you, immediately wanted to spring into action and figure out what I could do to play my part! Anxiety sunk in - not knowing if I was doing enough, how I could make the biggest impact, should I speak up about what I knew and felt was right or stay muted to let more educated voices shine? I was feeling doubtful and lost when I started to self educate. I listened to White Fragility on Audio and watched the documentary 13 on Netflix. The information even from these two resources was overwhelming. I went to protests and participated in inspired conversations with friends and family but the same questions still begged answers... Was it enough? Could I do more? How could I play MY part in a way that felt sustainable and authentic? Then it hit me! Create art! Create art that matters! 

Immediately I knew I wanted to do a conversational t-shirt that felt like art and inspired those who wore it as well as those who saw it. I also knew ALL the proceeds from each T-shirt sold had to go directly to The Black Lives Matter Organization. I truly feel that as a creative community it it our duty to latch onto and create art in support of the stories, movements and standards we believe to be true. It is our obligation to turn pain and heartache into something beautiful that can inspire action, education and forward movement. SO I'm very proud to present to you The HG Black Lives Matter - Play Your Part T-Shirt and explain to you the symbolism and verbiage behind the design. Also, I encourage you to do the same. Think of what you can create that would make a difference in regards to the "fights" that matter most to you and creating a brighter future for those around you. 

Now, let's get into the symbolism and verbiage! 

The front chest graphic that reads "Black Lives Matter" in the top half of the circle and "Play Your Part" in the bottom half of the circle. The way I see it the only way we can each contribute to breaking the cycles of systemic racism is to continue to play our part so having this verbiage present and linked together to create the circular graphic was super important. 

The Black fist represents the empowered fight. Anyone who wears this shirt stands as an ally with our black brothers and sisters and this fist is a symbol that we are proud to do so. The rose represents all the lives lost to racism and police brutality in the past. Although it is our hope that this type of loss is behind us I never want their individual names or stories to be lost or forgotten while having difficult and inspired conversations. And lastly I included the watching eyes to symbolize this moment, our eyes are open, we are awake. We are watching, we are documenting, we are filming and many of us now see what for so long felt hidden behind the curtain. Let these eyes serve as a reminder to stay woke, stay aware are don't go back to sleep on this issue.

Gwapas, my goal with this T-shirt, beyond raising money is so spark conversation. I want those who wear it to serve as the constant reminder that black lives do matter and inspire those who read or see it to take any action they can in order to play their part as well. It can be an action as small as saying their names to an action as big as protecting their bodies. It is up to us white people to do the work, spark the conversation, continue to self educate and PLAY OUR PARTS. Muah! 


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