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Dear Diary: Inspired Thoughts of a Creative Hustler

Dear Diary: Inspired Thoughts of a Creative Hustler

Dear Diary, 

This past year has been nothing short of INSANE to say the very least. A global pandemic, a social pandemic - The Black Lives Matter Movement, and did I mention Tiger King?! As many creatives know having your own business is NO JOKE and with chaos surrounding and uncertainty always looming it becomes even harder to stay focused, shift your priorities and adapt quickly. 

I shared briefly that during the at the start of COVID-19, I was laid off from my full time gig as the Creative Brand Manager at Covet Public Relations, a very special PR agency in Down Town San Diego. Female founded, ran and operated I LIVED FOR the energy of walking into an office of creative females every. single. day. However when I received the news that I was no longer going to be apart of this crew and company I can't say I was surprised. Creative at ANY organization is always the first to go when the reigns get pulled tight. It's something I've experienced before working for start-ups and larger companies alike. 

What did come as a surprise to me though is that I actually wasn't as crushed as I thought I would be. I've taken some time to reflect on this before putting it into words and here's what I came up with. Being a female hustler makes you STRONG. Stronger than you ever imaged. The amount of times I've heard the words "no", been disappointed, FAILED or found out that something wasn't what I thought it was are countless. Yet through every down turn, I've survived. And bounced back more resilient, passionate and eager to prove to myself that turning my passion into a paycheck can be done!  

Fast forward to present day - 7 months into my new normal, and my whole life feels different. I moved in with my parents to save for a down payment on a house, I was able to dedicate a solid 6 months to my passion project that is Hola Gwapa, launching new product, vendors and of course The Hola Gwapa Podcast. I most recently got hired at Hawke Media, a digital marketing agency that I'm obsessed with as the Creative Accounts Manager - seeing major potential for growth doing work for clients that excite me AND I fell in love with the most incredible man I've ever met. 

In early March, we met on Bumble - taking things VERY slowly as only current state of the world would allow. He asked me one million questions about Hola Gwapa, wanting to learn the ins and outs of the creative community I'm so fired up about and was a huge catalyst in launching the Hola Gwapa podcast as he's a total genius when it comes to anything digital/technology related + has the patience of a saint which always helps me to get through the major melt downs with as much grace as humanly possible. In my book his belief in me and support in what I'm building couldn't go unnoticed or unappreciated another day.

So it sparked the idea to start writing these Dear Diary posts right here on the Hola Gwapa site to share with you who I am beyond being an artist and maker. Yes we are absolutely all creative hustlers and that's what brings us here together but there is more to our stories than the work we do. We are daughters and friends and girlfriends and wives and mothers and that's important to mention! I promise to dive into that part of myself a little deeper in 2021, letting vulnerability and an open minded mentality lead the way because if 2020 has taught me anything it's that you can actually hear the universe laughing when you start making concrete plans.

So plug in your destination, turn on cruise control and enjoy the plot twists, sharp turns & dead ends because there's a million ways to get there & you never know what you might learn or who you might meet along the way when you stop rushing to arrive. 





Thank you for sharing, Nisha! I popped on to the Hola Grape blog today when I needed some creative woman hustler energy and this article gave me hope. <3

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