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Episode 1: Miranda Starcevic

Episode 1: Miranda Starcevic

In This Episode...

#1 Miranda Starcevic otherwise known as a @let’sgetflashy on Instagram is a self-made painter, designer, stylist and feminist. Miranda and her daring styled looks have been featured in everything from Teen Vogue to captured by the top photographers shooting must see street style at Paris and NY fashion weeks. In this episode Miranda zooms with me all the way from Paris to share her creative journey, how she’s using her art and platform to cultivate change, and what’s on the horizon design-wise for this collaborative Parisian. On a more serious note Miranda gets vulnerable sharing how she’s used watercolor as a powerful tool to heal from her experience with sexual assault and the meaning behind why she continues to paint colorful houses.


My 3 Key Takeaways

1. Turn Your Pain Into A Superpower

In this episode Miranda opens up about painful experiences in her past including being bullied as a kid and sexually assaulted as a young adult. In her younger years Miranda used the teasing to her advantage and instead of getting back at those pesky mean girls, she shifted her energy towards cultivating her personal style and instead used that as a shield to "really give them something to talk about". As a young woman Miranda was sexually assaulted, something she is still getting used to opening up about but has already found so much strength within her vulnerability. True to form Miranda turned this trauma into art, creating water color paintings of colorful houses, gift her following with safety and protection. Wow! Blown away by her journey and the strength she's continued to muster turning her pains and vulnerabilities into a superpower.

2. Don't Be Afraid For The Money You're Worth!

Striking a nerve for a lot of female creatives, Miranda shares an experience where she was too afraid to ask for a higher salary thinking that the job opportunity would be revoked if she did. Only later to find out an insider on the team told her they would have 100% paid her the higher salary had she asked. Takeaway and friendly reminder to ALWAYS ask for what you feel you are worth, the worst they can do is say no, but are SO much more likely to say "Yes, yes yes!"

3. Eliminate Toxic People

Towards the end of the episode Miranda touches on toxic people and her most recent decision to "put them in a corner". lol I love how she phrases this! As a creative it is essential to be in control of your energy. Having bad days and moods is one thing but Miranda reminds us that if there are people around you who are consistently bringing you down, "put them in a corner" and let them do their thing without bursting the personal positive force field you've been working so hard to create because come on gwapa, we don't got time for that! 


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