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3 Ways to Wear Your Gwapa Party Dangles

3 Ways to Wear Your Gwapa Party Dangles

One of my favorite things about designing pieces that inspire self-expression is seeing how you rock them in your own way! The fun thing about accessories is they help communicate your individual style and take whatever you're trying to say with your look to the next level. What it reminds me of is walking into a model home that's been dressed by an Interior Designer so everything looks perfect. You fall in love with it, purchase the home, move in and never add anything of your own because you're too afraid to mess it up. I would much rather style my home with bright wicker baskets from my trip to Peru, oversized intricate tapestries from my time in India, and a gallery wall of my favorite Hola Gwapa Artists. When you walk into my home I want you to know who I am, where I've been and what I love. The same with just getting dressed for the sake of getting dressed. I mean without adding accessories and showcasing your personal style you're committing a true-crime because we never get to see YOUR vision. And that's SO important!

Style is getting the opportunity to say exactly who you are without ever having to speak a word and to me, that's powerful gwapa! We get the chance every morning to wake up & get dressed according to who we are right then and there in that very moment and it's a gift that shouldn't be wasted. SO I'm going to show you MY three favorite ways to wear the Hola Gwapa Party Dangles. I'm encouraging you to take the tips and tricks you like and please leave the ones you don't. This is not a how-to guide but rather a this is me doing me and hopefully it inspires you to do you! So here we go! 

So by now, anyone who knows me even a little knows I have a borderline obsession with Frida Kahlo. In fact, both Hola Gwapa earring styles were named in homage to two of her favorite pets (more on that in the products descriptions!) Having my muse be both an artist and a style icon, has played a huge role in defining my personal aesthetic in both my work and how I dress. What’s fun for me is depending on my mood and where I’m going, of course, I can choose to lean into that more, turning it all the way up to the point where people might even comment “Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like that Artist Frida?” or just dial it back and do something totally all my own. Now what I want to say here is that when you emulate an icon it’s not about being right or even accurate. It’s about using their energy and style to inspire your own.  

 I mean would Frida ever rock a silk cheetah mini? Probably not! But that’s SO me! I love animal print everything so it just felt right. Because of this, I choose a matchy cheetah mule, making the base of the look something that’s iconically me and the styling iconically her. So just keep in mind this is a game of mix and match not copycat. Push and pull not monkey see monkey do.

Instead of rocking her signature braids, I decided to pair it back with a black satin floral headband to just poke at the look. On a side note - I love wearing headbands because they work wonders to pull all the hair off the face making your Hola Gwapa statement earrings pop and your gorgeous face shine. Next, I added a wicker purse woven to look just like Frida. (Secretly dying over how cute this purse is!) Using elements that speak directly to the legend you're inspired by is such a kitschy way to pull the whole look together. For example, if it was Mick Jagger, wearing a vintage Rolling Stones band tee from one of his tours would be the perfect staple piece. You get the point! And lastly, I spent a little extra time defining a really bold brow. I’m not into a heavy makeup look myself so I just went hard on the paint in regards to the brow and au natural with the rest of the look. I would love to see how you guys take this idea and run with it so don’t forget to tag @holagwapa in your next Be Your Own Icon moment.

Ok, there is literally nothing I love more than I reason to get dolled up and party. Like seriously... did your neighbor's sister’s cousin’s son just graduate from law school? Let’s party! Did your best friend's new puppy just learn how to sit, stay, and rollover? Perfect! Let’s party! This might go all the way back to when my dad used to take me shopping for the perfect party dress every year on my birthday but that’s a whole other story for another time. The point is I’m always overdressed and #sorrynotsorry about it. Because similar to the notion of dressing the way you want to feel… I say if there isn’t a party planned, dress for the party you wish you were at! 

The important thing to keep in mind for this look is that your most valuable accessory (besides your Hola Gwapa Party Dangles) will without a doubt be your self-confidence. LOL. Truly though. This is your moment to put on the skin-tight floral print dress with the puff sleeves that’s been collecting dust hanging in your closet, slather on a bright as $# lipstick, slip your gorgeous pedicured toes into a bedazzled pointy kitten heel and call an Uber! Putting this look together was like therapy for me, because so much of WHAT we wear is about HOW we wear it. So preparing yourself for the moment you walk through the door is key. You are a Gwapa girl, we are cool, confident, and always friendly. So when all the stars align and the mood strikes, and you choose to be bold and go for it don’t forget to spritz yourself with an extra layer of self-love before grabbing your blingy butterfly clutch and heading out the door. There’s no turning back, you’ve got this gf!  


The impression I get is that a lot of people are afraid to play with pattern, which I understand. If you know how to do it right you might find yourself featured on a publication like Man Repeller, claiming you are the next fashion It-Girl but if you do it wrong… you might end up looking a little cracked out with millions of fashionistas awkwardly glaring in your direction. But don’t fret gf. Take a deep breath and start slow. By mixing and matching patterns within a monotone palette, especially black/white it makes it close to impossible to mess anything up! Taking this look for example I would choose two colors - black and white - and two or three classic patterns. In this case, I chose an oversized polka dot dress, a plaid fitted blazer and paired both back to a polka dot kitten heel. I would have loved to incorporate a third print like a houndstooth but c'est la vie! 

My favorite this about doing a black and white moment is that it truly gives your accessories the attention they deserve. So pop on your finishing touches! Think texture!  A pearl and velvet headband and a clear acrylic clutch are the perfect add-ons to make your look feel more dynamic vs. a flat blob of b&w. And lastly, carefully choose how you want to bring in a little color… Here I’ve done it with a pair of Hola Gwapa Party Dangles and an orchid pink lipstick. And that’s it, babe! You’re officially mixing and matching like the monotone goddess you were born to be! 


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