GwaPAW Gear | Neon & Pastel Large Marbled Dog Leash



As a Textile Designer and Artist, I've always been inspired by experimenting with different techniques, mediums, and materials. Marbling totally has me hooked! Its a creative meditation founded on the ebb and flow of pigment floating above water before the leather is dipped and the total lack of control I, as the Artist, has over the end result. The element of surprise and awe as each new marble design is revealed is an indescribable thrill that finds its way into each twirl and swirl of every finished product. 


Each collar and leash has been hand marbled using a unique combination of premium leather paints. Next step? They are then hand cut, hole punched, riveted and shined by me in my studio apartment located in San Diego, CA. 


  • Materials - 100% Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Length - 5'
  • Width - 1"
  • Hardware - Black Die Cast Zinc

* Please note that just like our fab four-legged friends - each collar and leash is entirely unique. Before purchasing please note that from gear to gear color story, placement, and overall design will vary. 

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