The Caimito 3 Square Drop Hand Marbled Leather Earrings


Meet The Caimito Party Dangles, named after Frida Kahlo's spider monkey, Caimito de Guayabal. Mexican mythology says monkeys are a symbol of lust, but Frida often portrayed them as protective and tender symbols. In that vein, sport your Caimito's whenever you can to cover all bases. 1. LUST - Attract the Rico (or Rica) Suave of your wildest fantasies 2. PROTECTION - Armor yourself to ward off any evil spirits lurking in your path and 3. TLC - Feel a big squeeze on days when you need an extra dose of amor propio (a.k.a. self love.) 

The Caimito earring features 3 square shaped geometric dangle drops, post back closure, repurposed leather and hand-marbled textile throughout. As each earring is hand marbled individually, colors and patterns will vary.

Collections: Ear Art, New Arrivals

Type: Jewlery

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