The Granizo Mod Geometric Drop Hand Marbled Leather Earrings



The Granizo earrings are named after Frida’s pet fawn who was thought to have been the muse and model for many of her paintings, most famously "The Wounded Deer”, one of her most raw and intimate self-portraits. Pair this lightweight set with your favorite band T and denim for a fun vintage moment or slip on a floral party dress and color-pop heels for a Spring look that will have your deerest admirers fawning over you, for real doe. 

The Granizo earring features a circle pendant and opposite facing geometric dangle drops, post back closure, repurposed leather and hand-marbled textile throughout. As each earring is hand marbled individually, colors and patterns will vary.

Collections: Ear Art, The Marbled Leather Collection

Type: Jewlery

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