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Freaking out over here because I finally get to introduce you to OG Gwapa Artists & now Instagram friend Dahlia Dandashi. Dahlia started her creative journey by pursuing a traditional career in journalism and photography only to find herself burnt out before she even got started. Pivoting her skillset alongside the sensational growth of Instagram, she listened to her gut and transitioned to a less stable, less traditional and less valued role of being a Content Creator and that’s everything started clicking into place. Her personal work has always inspired me. Scrolling through her feed it’s clear that Dahlia is navigating her own journey growing up as a muslim Arab American woman. She explores her identity by navigating the depths of who she is spiritually, religiously and culturally through photography and writing letting us all in through her lens and inviting us along for the ride. On this episode  we get into topics like what truly goes into being a content creator, juggling freelance work with an agency career, being resourceful AF and being able to find ways to apply your unique skill set, no matter what they are, to create and conquer your dream career. We also touch on topics like judgement, family, connection and finding your place in the world. To be honest we really go everywhere in this one and I personally found this conversation very interesting and  inspiring so without further wait help me welcome the one and only Dahlia Dandashi to the show! 

Thank you so much for listening to this episode with Dahlia! I hope you gained as much value and inspiration from her story as I did! If you love what you heard please make sure you rate and review this episode on Apple Music and/or spotify. 

With that Have a beautiful week Gwapas! As always sending you tons of inspiration and lots of love!


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