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Welcome to The Gwapa Gal Shop!

Welcome to The Gwapa Gal Shop!

📣✨THE GWAPA GAL SHOP IS OFFICIALLY LIVE!!! As you probably already know supporting female creatives is my passion, mission & purpose, so I’m extremely proud to announce The Gwapa Gal Shop and finally share a little bit more about what it is, how it works and exactly why I've decided to launch it. 

What is The Gwapa Gal Shop?

🛍💸🎨 The Gwapa Gal Shop is a very special section of The Gwapa Shop you already know and love. Everything carried in this section of the site is FEMALE OWNED & ARTIST MADE 🙌🏻 by the movers 🙌🏽 & the makers 🙌🏿 in this very community.

But just incase you've been living under a rock... I want to start by providing a little more context. Hola Gwapa is an online community of movers and makers. It is and has always been my ultimate mission to celebrate and support female creatives, and up until this point have been able to do so through our InstagramArtist Features and The Hola Gwapa Podcast.

As 2021 approached I was compelled to do even more, if you can imagine that. My goal was to continue this effort of lifting others by adding 1 new female owned and operated brand to The Gwapa Shop each month to be featured alongside my own brand. But the overwhelming response of this community and the incredibly talented women interested in being featured each month has truly BLOWN. ME. AWAY. In January we featured 2 Gwapa Gals, in February we featured 4 and this month in March I'm SO proud to share that we've continued to exceed our goal and have featured 6 amazing Gwapa Gals on the shop. We already have such a wide variety of female owned brands. Everything from beauty and wellness to home, apparel and accessories and we're just getting started. As the shop evolves and takes on a life of it's own shaped by women like YOU, I'm beyond excited to continue watching this momentum build and vow to do everything in my power to promote all these fabulous new makers via the shop, social media, newsletters, other marketing efforts and more.

How it Works

The structure I'v decided to use for these Gwapa Gal Shop partnerships is a drop-ship model - meaning collects the orders but doesn't hold onto inventory. I've done my due diligence and chosen this model over the more traditional route of wholesaling for many reasons.

No judgment for those who love it but for me the wholesale model always felt too archaic, structured and emotionless. The whole point of this community is to cultivate connection! Ya know? So the drop ship model not only allows me to lean into my own network of fabulous females but it allows me to also work closely with them to make product selections, produce the photoshoots and develop campaigns rooted in the relationships I've had with some of these women for years as I've watched their brands emerge and grow!

There is also no major heavy lift on the makers end other than to send me samples of the items chosen to be featured (so I can photograph them for the site and all marketing efforts) as well as a high resolution image of themselves and little blurb (2-3 sentences) about themselves and their brand. I absolutely LOVE being able to feature the MEET YOUR GWAPA GAL photo and blurb along side each product so shoppers can learn more about each maker and designer as they browse. I just LOVE that shoppers can now know exactly who each purchase supports and the impact every sale has on the badass designers behind the brands.

Next, I will go to town to promote the $#!T of the Gwapa Gals each month. When an order comes in, I notify the designer via email, they fuffil and ship their own products with love and the tracking info is updated and shared with the Gwapa shopper. At the end of each month the Gwapa Gal/Designer/Artist/Maker gets payed out for 60% of all orders via Paypal. The Gwapa Shop only keeps 40% on our end to keep business afloat + time and labor to promote each and every brand! IMO, this beats the standard wholesale model because the women who make the goods get to keep more profits, and I get to fulfill my vision of growing The Hola Gwapa community and truly $upporting all of the talent within it. 

Why I Launched it

When I put on my designer hat and began to scour the internet to find online shops interested in carrying my own brand, Gwapa, I found that there were few shops out there treating our conversations as more than a transaction. You see I have always prided myself on my process - how I'm dedicated to designing with dead stock fabrics, that it takes me three whole days to marble a collection from pre to post production, and that I make each decision every step of the way as an Artists FOR OTHER ARTISTS. And by talking with other makers in the Hola Gwapa community I knew how much work and time and love they were putting into their collections and that they must be experiencing the same disconnect with other retailers as well... and then I found Dazey LA and fell head over heels in love with her business model. Finally a woman dedicated to highlighting the makers story & process paving the way for how a female-owned online shop could and should be run! This felt more like it. (Pssst! You can also find our Gwapa brand goodies on The Dazey Lady Shop! Absolutely love making connections with women focused on supporting women. There's room for all of us! YESSSA!) 

Inspired by this designer forward drop-ship model, the idea for The Gwapa Gal Shop was born. But of course it had to be GWAPAFIED (yes that's now a verb!) so naturally I decided to focus on carrying goods that are ARTIST MADE and FEMALE OWNED by The Hola Gwapa community of 10,000 female creatives I've been working for the past two years to grow and cultivate and then... of course... we added pink! At last, a shop made BY an Artist FOR Artists. So you can now shop feeling GWAPA that every purchase you make empowers business’s just like mine to keep 🌱 GROWING & THRIVE! 


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